Wellness Service


Languild in a deckchair or comfortably ensconced in a creole armchair, enjoy intimity...

During your stay, the Blue Margouillat hotel offers you the possibility to relax.
Suggesting various « à la carte » wellness options such as the « Zen Moment » in-room massage services by a certified masseur on a table massage.

You may purchase our range of organic products and wellness products such as bath salts, shower gels, shampoos, moisturising creams and massage oils.

Massage signature - “The Blue Margouilllat” 
90mn / 110 €

Combination of a massage and foot reflexology with coconut, ylang-ylang and vanilla notes. 
Well-being massage of the back, the scalp, face, arms, hands and foot reflexology. 
This association is an invitation to sensory and aromatic fullness. 

Massage “Back from the Cirques”
 60mn / 90mn 75 € / 110 €

Massage fluid signature and regenerating of the body in the organic sesame oil stemming from Ayurvéda.
Global regeneration and muscular.

Massage “Prelude to the Nap”
60mn / 75 €

The reflexology is an art ancestral and be a part of alternative medicines.
The scope of the reflexology is vast and addresses the disorders of energy or functional origin.
A specific touch allows to localize the tensions and to restore the energy balance in the corresponding parts of the body.
The reflexology helps the body to find a balance, regenerates the body and brings a total relaxation.

Massage “Totally Zen”
60mn / 90mn 75 € / 110 €

A wrapping and powerful massage with hands, fronts arm and elbows in the oil of frangipani tree.
Deep, rhythmical and relaxing modelling or revitalizing according to needs.
The long fluid movements of the forearm and the hands imitating the movement of waves.
Feed the body and hunt toxin, while the pressures of elbows release the muscular tensions.

Massage “Meridian Body”
60mn / 75 €

The facial massage KOBIDO, a marvel come from Asia. Ancestral rite of beauty and well-being inspired by a Japanese rite.
Kobido stimulates the whole energy circulation of the face and the neck, the facial massage KOBIDO obeys the laws of the internal energy of the body.
3 techniques of massage for the face, the neck, the low neck and the skull boosts the blood, lymphatic and energy circulation.