Faces of the Blue Margouillat

L’art de recevoir

A place is symbolised by those who built it and work there heartily and passionately. This is what Relais and Châteaux Blue Margouillat is all about. 

Frédéric Kuhry, co-owner and host, welcomes you at Blue Margouillat as his friends. Demanding and professional, he forestalls your needs and meets all of your demands with courtesy.

For him, service and hospitality are the main features of a hotel complex, especially when they are performed with accuracy and discretion. This hotelier’s son who comes from Alsace, is attentive to honour the fundamentals with precision. 

Frédéric Kuhry is also generous for useful information and is really keen on sharing his secret local tips with you in order to discover the treasures of La Réunion.

Marc Chappot, co-owner and chef, reveals the tastes and the food products of the island in his cooking.He settled on the island twenty years ago and learnt how to master the different spices and local products to mix them to his traditional French cuisine. A way of cooking he learnt in gourmet structures in  Switzerland and Haute Savoie as a native. 

His plates are delicious and graphically designer. They are also a testimony of the alchemy between the abundance of local products and the grandeur of foreign raw materials.

The coordinated and specialist service do nothing but enhance the chief’s original creations.


In the kitchen and at the reception as well, the co-owners of Relais & Châteaux Blue Margouillat are worried to pass on the best to their team
to make every single moment a unique one for their hosts.


In the kitchen and at the reception as well, the co-owners of Relais & Châteaux Blue Margouillat are worried to pass on the best to their team
to make every single moment a unique one for their hosts.

Frédéric Kuhry and Marc Chappot also share the passion for beauty and tasty things.  

The co-owners of Relais & Châteaux Blue Margouillat, lux hotel reunion, are fascinated by art and they chose local and foreign artists’ masterpieces to decorate their Creole-type hotel. 





Questions to Frédéric Kuhry, host at Maison du Relais & Châteaux Blue Margouillat, reunion resort hotel.

Who would you consider as your mentor ?

My parents.


What is your definition of « welcome » ?

I like to make my hosts happy and comfortable. I would like them to enjoy their stay and their discovery of la Réunion at their utmost. The most important is to  answer and anticipate their wants. Welcoming people is also sharing a pleasant moment!

If you could compare the Blue Margouillat to art, what would it be?

I would say « Digema », a Reunionese artist. It is made from welded and melted nuts and you can see it as you enter the hotel, it is a blue bonsai.
For more than twenty years the Blue Margouillat rose with us serenely like this tree. Like a bonsai, we put down roots deeply and the tree blossoms thanks to time and hardwork,


What is your way of thinking ?

Let time takes its course, work effortlessly to fulfill your dreams and reach your goals, never give up but always move forward and be perseverant. 


What is the nicest think you’ve been told ?

We felt like home


Questions to Marc Chappot, Head chef at Relais & Châteaux Blue Margouillat, luxury hotels reunion.

Which chef inspired you ?

The head chef Pierre Carrier at the Albert 1erin Chamonix. He is chef and owner of this 5 stars hotel, Relais & Châteaux and he is a Michelin-starred chef (two stars).

What is your favourite dish on the menu ?

The freshness of red heart of palm, marinated tuna with foie gras curls, organic sweet and sour sugar cane and passion fruit bread crisps.
A plate filled with sourness, greed and happiness. Crunchy, crispy and meltingly soft!


What about a local spice ?

Turmeric, so much healthy and I also love the “journey feeling” of  corriander also named « coton milli » in la Réunion .


What is your main utensils ? 

The sliced knife, I collect them. Without them, it is impossible to cook. 

What makes you happy in a plate ?

I am happy when it is beautiful, when you feel good and when your taste buds want more !
It sounds easy but it is so tricky!